• FlashLink® BLE Logger, Model 40980-01 Key Features:
    • Single-use BLE temperature data logger
    • Tracks environmental conditions inside vehicles during shipment
    • Wirelessly transmits data by Bluetooth to Gateway device when within range, eliminating the need for locating the logger.
    • Temperature data can be visualized on our proprietary mobile app, but is only stored upon transmission to our cloud-based FlashTrak web portal.
  • FlashLink® In-Transit BLE Temperature and Humidity Logger, Model 40910 Key Features:
    • Read data at shipment touch points without opening doors
    • Temperature, humidity and location data stored in cloud-based app
    • Wirelessly transmits data to smart devices with app (iOS and Android)
    • Access data on mobile device up to ~65 feet /20 meters away
    • Download PDF reports from the app or direct USB connection to a PC
    • No software or cables required to download data
    • Scan QR code on logger to download app and for more product information
    • View trip reports in graph and table format
    • Data stored in cloud-based application and on a PC
    Applications: Refrigerated vans, trucks, containers, rail and air shipments