• Automated Cooking/Cool Down Thermometer, Model 26003 Key Features:
    • Fully automated time/temperature monitoring for food cool down
      • Programmable time/temperature settings, 3 zones
      • Confirms less than 6 hour total cool down time for food safety and compliance with FDA Food Code 3-501.14 (A,B)
      • Audible alarm if food exceeds time in temperature danger zone
    • New "Auto-Calibration" feature
      • Uses ice bath reference solution
    • Count down or count up timer for cooking and cooling
    • Audible alarms for PASS/FAIL notification and unattended operation
    • Easy to clean heat resistant Teflon® wire and waterproof probe
    • HACCP Compliant tool
    • Includes removable mounting cradle
    Applications: Cooking, Cooling