FlashLink® Electronic Data Logger

Model 20204

  • Two sharp-tip external stainless steel temperature probes 3.5 in(89mm) with 40 in.(1m) cable
  • Very easy to use and highly accurate
  • Output charts, graphs, spreadsheets or email your results anywhere in the world
  • PATENT NO. 6,088,514
Applications: Produce, Prepared Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Storage Units, Refrigerators

The FlashLink Electronic Data Logger, model 20204, is a reusable small sized electronic data logger featuring 2 sharp-tip external stainless steel temperature probes. Each probe is attached with a 1 meter temperature-resistant Teflon cable for ease of use. The temperature data logger’s case is shock-resistant and waterproof to withstand rugged and wet environments. The logger also features a red LED indicator that flashes when alarm conditions occur, alerting you to out of range conditions.